Research engineer: Machine learning and Natural Language Processing


We are looking for a motivated, curious and adventurous Research Engineer with a drive to utilize ML and NLP to help fellow researchers do their job better

The expansion of our tools portfolio is driving also the need and possibility for conducting more fundamental research in-house at Because of that we are looking for a driven, curious and excited to work in a startup Researcher to join our research team. The work will comprise of conducting fundamental research (reading and implementing scientific articles) on the topics listed at , converting existing research scripts into application ready libraries, occasionally writing scientific technical reports or articles to be submitted to conferences or peer-reviewed journals.

We are currently expanding our markets into the chemical industry, selling a suite of powerful tools to chemical R&D departments in industry. The tools are per date in the shape of Proof of Concept collaboration, partially customized to each client, though the first set of ‘productified’ tools are under development. A researcher job will be to investigate the possibilities to work with pre-trained general NLP models, which can with minor retraining, reinforcement or fine-tuning be turned into models suitable for a specific domain. Each specific domain might have several levels of granularity and several restrictions when it comes to data availability, human supervision, etc. To tackle those challenges we at focus on less data hungry, unsupervised machine learning methods and try to find smart ways to use semi-supervised methods. If interested in those approaches we believe is a good place for you.

In terms of operation is a very distributed team and our Research Team is good example with no two researchers sitting at one place. Meaning that if you join us you will be working remotely from whichever location you want and you will have the possibility to work in a fairly flexible time schedule. This will require though quite good self-management and dedication, which will be examined during our interview screening process.

The expectations to our future kick-ass, superstar Research Engineer are to have:

  • Masters or higher degree in Machine Learning, Computer Science or similar subject
  • Worked on at least one mid-sized ( more than 3 months) ML or NLP project
  • Impeccable coding skills in one of the mainstream languages (Python, Java, C++)
  • Knowledge in object oriented programming, code optimization, parallel programming

As additional advantage is considered any work on the topics related to the 4 topics listed on our website.

Another requirement for our future team member is to be located somewhere in Europe or at least in a place with a similar time zone.

Salary to be agreed upon.

If you believe you have what it takes to join a team working on the frontier of Text Understanding, Argument Mining and Topic Modelling and work on building our next generation of ML driven tools, please do not hesitate to apply.