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Solve research challenges using existing knowledge

In large R&D Departments

Can we build a reusable rocket out of composite materials?

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In small R&D teams

Can we produce a more sustainable chocolate?

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By yourself

Jump into the wondrous rabbit hole of science.

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How the free tool works

Search with Abstract

Provide Iris.AI with the URL to any research paper abstract. She will read it and extract the key concepts.

Navigate topics

She presents the concepts in a visual manner, allowing you to navigate the topic across disciplines.

Explore papers

For each of the topics, Iris.AI has fetched relevant papers from more than 66M Open Access papers.

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Who is for?



Are you a Master’s or PhD student, an independent researcher or a tech-entrepreneur? Keep up the good work – and we hope our freely available tool makes your life a little easier!



Are you an innovative company with a solid R&D challenge? Host a Scithon™ (Science Hackathon) to interact with great talent working hard to solve your challenge using a custom AI Science Assistant.

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