the simple vision of is an Artificial Intelligence that starts out as a Science Assistant; helping you find the science you need. Over time she will learn, slowly but surely becoming a Scientist herself.

TEDx Binnenhof 2016

CEO Anita presented the vision of – the AI scientist – to the European Parliament at TEDx Binnenhof, February 2016.

at Iris.AI

We love science

We are frustrated though, because we think that if we could only read and understand all of the scientific data humans have created, not to mention connecting the dots in that data, we’d have solutions to a number of pressing problems already!

Our human brains are sadly limited in this endeavour – however, machines are not. We are building Iris.AI so she can do it for us.

As the first step in our journey towards that goal, we are creating a tool that gives all knowledge seekers a shortcut to the most relevant research.

If we succeed, anyone excited about starting a new venture will be able to leverage what has already been discovered and, hopefully, build kickass solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. To maximize our positive human impact, we will ensure that the core functionalities of Iris.AI are always free to use for anyone curious enough to ask why and bold enough not to settle for partial explanations.