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Growing Future with our Interns believes an internship is the best school there is – no textbooks and theories, but a real company with real teams, working on real projects. We shape the future of our interns by giving them the know-how and they shape our future by giving us an open mind, because innovation happens where creativity meets experience. It’s a game of giving and receiving where everyone’s a winner.
Here are their success stories:

Ada intern success(1)(1)


Ada was studying International Sales & Marketing at IBA in Denmark when she applied for an internship at
“I learned a lot during the internship”. Her job was to perform market research, competitor analysis, lead generation, reviewing upcoming events and writing newsletters. Her biggest achievement was to start hosting workshops for our university clients where she presented our tools.

I really enjoyed my internship at and its fast pace. What I liked was the variety of tasks and creative freedom.

She successfully graduated from university and transitioned from an intern to a full-time Marketing and Communication Associate at We are very happy to have Ada in the team, piling up professional experience and climbing the ladder of her Marketing career.


Ivaylo Zhelev is another brilliant mind who turned from a Machine Learning Intern into a full-time Junior AI Research Engineer at He first heard about when he was studying Artificial Intelligence in the University of Groningen.

“I was immediately convinced that Iris.AI would be the perfect learning environment for an aspiring AI researcher like me. And I was far from wrong.”

During his internship he aimed to learn how a research process is performed with a specific product and vision in mind. The mentors he had, and the culture of trust and support inside the company tremendously helped Ivaylo with achieving his goal.

“Very soon into my internship, I realized that I want to keep working with this team in the long term. I am very happy to share that I am now a full-time employee in the company and it is even more fulfilling than I can imagine.”

Thank you for choosing us Ivaylo, we are lucky to have you on board!



Tayssir Khouja was a senior student at Tunis Business School when she applied for a  business development internship with She was very eager to win the spot for the Business Development internship program at and she succeeded. 

I can confidently say I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have in my past four months without “

As a result of her experience, Tayssir completed her internship more excited than ever to pursue a career in business development and digital marketing. 

“I found all the guidance and support I needed in a very welcoming environment, that I adored the most in my internship”


Dynamic, curious and hungry for knowledge, this is Mihalis. He was participating in a double Master degree organized by the European Institute of Technology, when he seeked an internship with us.

“I was hungry for experience with Python, TensorFlow and Deep Learning models. was offering all that, in the NLP world!”

Iris was able to help Mihalis jump in the project in an instant, without any bureaucratic delays, compared to the experiences of his fellow students. The project was clearly defined and structured and he was free to research and implement the solutions he liked with the supervision of very experienced research scientists and software developers. “Iris provided me with all the resources I needed to pull through a hard but impressive and successful project that turned into a perfectly graded Master Thesis.” 

And because of his tremendous achievement, Mihalis was offered a full time job position at the company.

“I feel it is so important to mention that working with Iris as an Intern gives you the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art Research projects in the NLP and Deep Learning.”



Sabine was a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, working on multilingual entailment detection. She wanted to do an internship in a company that would align with her personal values.

My experience was very positive! I enjoyed working closely with the members of the research team, and my project was very well defined and interesting.

The internship helped Sabine to integrate a lot of knowledge which she later applied in her works during the rest of her PhD. “It also made me more open to remote work because the collaboration with the distributed team worked so well!” Sabine and her supervisor enjoyed solving coding problems together.

We miss Sabine’s positive vibe and we wish her best of luck in her Research endeavors!


We were lucky to have one more Physics Master student in our Research Team – Ilaria, who later graduated from Imperial College London. She was looking to gain research experience in machine learning and natural language processing when she applied for an ML internship at

“The internship was one of the most formative experiences I had and it motivated me to pursue a PhD.

In just a few months, Ilaria acquired lots of different skills that proved very useful in her job and studies afterwards: from the latest advances in the NLP literature to becoming familiar with the day-to-day tools of an ML engineer.

Doing an internship at played a big role in my life as it encouraged me to pursue Research as a career and also gave me an insight into how ML research is conducted in an industry, which is ultimately what I want to do after my PhD.

The informal working environment and everyone’s proactiveness helped me learn a lot and made me feel very welcome and supported from day one. I also found the work really engaging and was never asked to perform any boring or dull tasks, which made going into work every day all the more exciting.

Corentin photo(1)(1)


Corentin is a Master graduate in Fundamental Physicsfrom Paris Saclay. In his last year of studies he struggled to choose a career path when he applied for a Machine Learning internship program at 

The internship’s approach was innovative, original and exciting. 

He learned methods used in NLP on a large corpus of scientific documents. He had a lot of freedom with the way he wanted to orient the research and the methods to achieve the team goals. “I have learned the do’s and don’ts of working as part of a team on a shared project, how to maintain a proper structure that will stand in time. I now keep this rigor on personal projects as well. 

This internship showed me the doors towards ML research!

Corentin completed his internship, more than ever attracted towards the current research in NLP, and other branches of machine learning. 


When applying for the internship, Alessio was studying Mechanical engineering at the University of Manchester. Even though he was about to become a graduate Engineer, Alessio applied for an internship in Sales. He was looking to get exposed to the world of IT startups and learn how the sales tasks and responsibilities take place in a fast developing company such as 

“The experience was very positive indeed, the team is nice, vibrant, young and super enthusiastic. The atmosphere was superb and there was always room for nice banter and jokes before the meetings. “

Alessio learned a lot about the sales and marketing softwares that are used within the business together with how they can fit in startups for communication and organization purposes. He was certain that a business internship will be very important for his career. 

“I am now proud to say, I have some very insightful and interesting experience within a startup team and this will help my future career within the world of business. The best thing at Iris was the atmosphere and the vibrance of the team 🙂 “

Foto alessio M.


Rayhane was studying Data science in France when she applied for a remote Machine Learning internship program at Being such an ambitious young researcher, Rayhane was lucky to have Iris’ Lead researcher as her supervisor.

Knowledge wise – I got more than I expected.

Rayhane was able to rely on her supervisor and the whole research team to guide her through her practices and studies during the internship. She gained very specific knowledge to ML and a lot more than that. She learned how to implement models by herself and also learned to code. She very much appreciated the regular Research Deep Dives held in the company.

Rayhane did so well in her job responsibilities and was such an eager learner, that her internship program got extended not once, but twice.


David was studying at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where he decided to look for an AI company to gain some practical experience and applied for Iris’ ML internship program. He was looking for a challenge where he could apply his knowledge to solve an actual problem in the field of scientific knowledge share: finding papers! 

It was a fantastic experience!

“It gave me the opportunity to work with an international team on a problem that was little explored at the time. I felt free to develop and propose the solution that I saw most appropriate. “

David completed his internship quoting ” is a company with great professionals, dynamic and open-minded.”

The Iris team and their project offer an amazing tool to the world! 



Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 14.51.44


Aziz was doing master’s in computer science at the higher institute of Computer science, Ariana in Tunis. He joined Iris hoping to learn more about graphs machine learning and further develop his research and coding skills.

I had an amazing time and I managed to do a lot of research about the process of dynamic knowledge graph construction and the best practices for developing models.

The skills he gained while at iris helped him become a better researcher overall and enabled him to begin researching more advanced topics in machine learning in general.

I really loved all the aspects of my internship at Iris, but if I had to choose one thing out of all of this it would be the team, I really loved all the interactions I had with everyone.

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