5.0 Deep Dive: Algorithms, training, and what it all means for an AI scientist.

Last week we announced the launch of 5.0 with improved algorithms for improved results. But what does that mean, exactly? And where did the Training platform go again?

Well, it’s all connected!

In this version of, we’ve improved’s computational power in a big way. When you click ‘Submit’ to create an exploration map, gets to work on generating a fingerprint of your input, containing the concepts, topics, synonyms, and hypernyms that could be used to describe the content. This, of course, is how it has always been.

In an ideal world, would be able to compare your input to the >100 million papers in her database within the 5-10 seconds it takes to generate a map. However, due to computational limits on earlier iterations of her algorithms, there was some amount of approximation that went into getting the most effective results in a reasonable amount of time.

Enter 5.0, with algorithms that allow over 20 times the computing power and thus can process with exact accuracy more of those 100 million papers.  This results in less approximation and more relevant papers in your map. And, as we all know, more relevant results = better research, faster.

But, what does this all have to do with training?’s learning is largely unsupervised but has used the training platform as a form of validation of her assumptions as an AI. With the help of our AI Trainer community, we were able to look at her assumptions against real, human inputs to ensure she was working as effectively as possible. With your help, we collected over 8,000 validation points against which to test Thank you!

Of course, the training platform as it existed before today used questions and methods that validated the previous algorithms.

Now that new algorithms are in place, it is time to reassess the training platform to determine how our training community can assist in validating’s brand new algorithms. For the remainder of this year, we’ll be working on a revamped training system that will serve and our community of users and trainers even better as our little AI scientist grows.

Thank you all for your contributions as well as feedback and questions with each new iteration of We love hearing from you! If you’d like to join the conversation or contact us directly, join the Facebook Group or contact

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