to improve efficiency of funding applications with Oamk

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We love collaborating with smart researchers on new ideas, and this one is no exception! Oamk approached us to ask that if could read research papers and patents and reduce the time to navigate that landscape, surely she could do the same with funding applications? And sure thing – we have now equipped a special version of with all EU-funded projects since 2014, with the aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of RDI project preparation, especially in tightly competitive European project funding. Giving researchers the ability to map out state-of-the-art funded research, new projects can be rapidly targeted to novel research challenges. 

Oamk will pilot the new tools in their upcoming H2020 project preparation in the fields of printed intelligence, drones and development of regional innovation systems.

We are looking forward to them piloting the new application of and seeing the positive results on their application processes.

If you are curious about the details of the project and its outcomes, you are welcome to contact Karita Kasurinen on