User story: Let do the work for you

“There are many research tools that I recommend to my students, but is maybe the best one.”

a researcher and lecturer from Peru university who uses research tools for his research

Name:  Josmel Pacheco Mendoza

Position: Researcher and Veterinarian

University: Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

Region: Lima, Peru  

My name is Josmel and I am currently working with multiple universities, besides being a partner of the editorial team of the Journal of Veterinary Research of Peru (RIVEP). 

I found when I needed a tool to help me find the right documents for my COVID-19 research in a short time frame.

In one of the projects where I used, I worked with Mexican universities on two COVID-19 papers. There is a huge number of papers and patents published and available online, which makes it difficult and time consuming for my students and me to find the exact information that is related to my research. 

How did help your research? helped me to find the right collection of papers. One of the most powerful features is how you can add one paper into, and in return the software gives you a map of relevant papers. For me that’s like magic! 

The tools also organize my work by clustering and filtering the papers. It is important for my work to have a map that organizes documents by their concepts and content.

Finally, the tools saved me and my students a lot of time, which is an important factor while doing research in medical fields. 

It is exciting to use an academic research tool that relies on artificial intelligence to better serve students and researchers. There are many research tools that I recommend to my students, but is maybe the best one.

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