How do we work with consultancies and ambassadors?

Collaboration is immensely important in today’s business world. Other peoples’ experiences and thoughts about products are an important source of information for many consumers. Knowing all the benefits of brand advocacy, and word-of-mouth marketing, the companies are putting more and more effort into creating meaningful partnerships to grow their busines.

With our tools maturing in the past years, we’ve decided to expand our sales strategy and include various partners. We have experimented working both with brand ambassadors (external individuals promoting and raising awareness of the brand and products) and consultancies (industry-specific experts who offer professional advice). Brand ambassadors often connect the human face to the company, and they can influence how the company is being perceived by the target audience. Consultancies can connect solution providers to businesses facing specific issues.

Benefits of working with them


As mentioned before, the consultants or ambassadors are the experts in their field. Their knowledge, expert skills, and influence. They understand the leads’ needs and problems and know how to approach them. They are able to present the product in a way to highlight the most desirable benefits and make the product attractive. This kind of experts can have closer, more intimate relationships with potential leads, which creates more trust.  

Time savings

The consultants know the best promotion sales processes already and are working independently from the business. The business owners can spend their time on other tasks while the consultant supplies them with fresh leads.


Consultancy firms or ambassadors work with different companies simultaneously. They are not emotionally invested as the business owners are. That enables them to bring out fresh perspectives and see the possibilities or new angles to the business process. They can more easily identify and address challenges.


Diversity goes along with expertise. Each consultancy has an overview of different businesses and can see what works in a certain field and what doesn’t. Having multiple consultants from different fields open up the possibilities to find customers across different groups.

Broadening contact network

Ambassadors and consultancies usually have already established a broad network in their field. They’re able to reach the people that the business might not be able to do. Being the leader attracts potential customers.  

Humanizing the brand

Customers prefer to buy from people rather than a faceless brand. People prefer to put their trust in people. This is how ambassadors or trusted consultants step in and fill the gap between business and users.

How exactly do we work with them?

At we are working with a few consultancies and ambassadors. We have divided them in three categories: Distributors, Experts and Consultancy Firms. 

Let’s start with Distributors. These are the companies that share a broad network of people and own certain channels – for example a blog or a newsletter. We’re working with a distributor of scientific and pharmaceutical content to leading research organizations in a given region and another acknowledged partner and advocate of library education in AI research skills to better serve library services and transfer the practical knowledge about NLP-solutions to library patrons. These are two clearly different fields, which would be difficult to reach without our partnerships. That collaboration helps us increase the company’s awareness and interest. 

The second ones are Experts. These are individual ambassadors highly respected in their field with long term experience and knowledge. That person is an insider who understands the current challenges of the industry very well and how our solutions can help. Since our tools are easy to use for any researcher, our partner identifies various use cases across the organization where teams deal with scientific or technical knowledge processing. We’ve also had a long-running ambassador program for our academic tools, where educators are using the tools in their classes across the world.

The last type are the consultancy firms which were mentioned in the beginning of this article. This is a collaboration with acknowledged companies providing technology consulting services focused on digitalization and automation of research processes. They create targeted campaigns for pharmaceutical, medtech experts; specific departments like PMS, PV, RA. 

We’re always looking to broaden our network and form meaningful relationships. Are you interested in partnering with us? Contact us with the form below!