Get the tools for your University’s Explore and Focus tools semi-automate the research landscape mapping – speeding up the literature discovery and review phase of your research process.

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Reduce time

Decrease the manual effort to build a precise reading list up to 90%

Increase quality

Lower the chance of missed content with more than 20%

Interdisciplinary discovery

Increase relevant research discovery across disciplines

Premium access

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  • helps students and researchers navigate through the overwhelming volume of scientific literature and find relevant content for any research topic.
  • Educational institutions can get started with a 1-year license of Premium tools. The pilot includes guided workshops on campus and gives your researchers and students full access to the tools.
  • The tools come integrated with access to all Open Access literature and can be connected to a variety of other data sources.

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For Universities For R&D DepartmentsFor Individuals

  • We have utilized the core engine of the Academic tools and specialized it on Chemistry research with a suite of tools especially designed for industry research.
  • Learn more about our Chemistry solutions
  • Do you have other ideas for areas of application for these tools? Tell us!

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For Universities For R&D DepartmentsFor Individuals

  • There is a limited free version of the tools for individual knowledge seekers
  • In order to get premium access, you can either talk to your library and encourage them to get a University license, or you can get in touch with us for individual licenses.

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University Solutions
University Solutions
University Solutions

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University Solutions

“Tools such as […] can accelerate researchers’ entry into a new field”

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“[the] goal is to bypass the need to know the terminology of the field”

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(a brief honorary mention)

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University Solutions
University Solutions
University Solutions
University Solutions
University Solutions
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Case studies

Applicability of composite materials in space

Non-domain experts spent 4 hours finding relevant research articles and summarizing them. Compared to Google Scholar,’s exploration tool boosted the research team’s efficiency remarkably. The team that used was significantly stronger on two accounts:

  • finding three papers with a top score in terms of fitting the problem statement
  • showing higher quality of key findings structured around identified topics drawing superior conclusions and summarizing the relevant knowledge

See research paper on evaluation framework

Identifying new targets and pathways to treat eczema

Four teams were tasked to create a list of new targets and pathways in 30 hours using and other tools. The team that found most of its research papers using got the highest points from a jury of domain experts on the following accounts:

  • Quality of findings
  • Conclusions follow the latest trends in research
  • Number of high quality identified molecules, pathways and targets

See the research question

Identifying research gaps

Chalmers University’s Computer Science department did one of the world’s most substantive research landscape mappings of autonomous vehicles in late 2016, starting with more than 11,000 papers. In parallel with performing the manual work (3-6 months of work with several people involved), they used the technology to recreate it alongside the manual results. As the tools showed significant promise, when the mapping study needed updating with another 11,000 papers published since June 2016, the tools were put into use. This study demonstrates:

  • the boost in productivity and efficiency researchers can gain with the technology;
  • how the technology can assist researchers in bias-free literature discovery;
  • and how this leads to a reduction of manual work by 2-3 months.

Method and results will be published in collaboration with Chalmers

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