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The library as the Innovation Hub

At the forefront of AI Literacy

In the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, academic libraries play an indispensable role in AI literacy*  – how to read and make sense out of the incredible amount of knowledge. Supported by’s Researcher Workspace, libraries can now provide cutting-edge search tools to their patrons and students who love to discover, innovate, and have fun doing research.

… and at the same time attract back students who do not speak “library”**!


University Solutions

Award-winning, advanced machine learning search tools proven to:

  • Extend the ability to read scientific texts … the way cars let us move fast & far
  • Give students a birds-eye view to tell where to look more closely
  • Economize time while rendering more trustable results
  • Focus on tasks that actually require human intelligence and foster innovation and insight
  • Or just simply: focus on reading things that actually matter.

*See: IFLA Statement on Libraries and Artificial Intelligence (2020).
**”79% of faculty and 74% of students begin their discovery process outside of the library.” Source: Librarian Futures 2021: Charting Librarian–Patron Behaviors and Relationships in the Networked Digital Age

Search, filter, analyze and summarize!

The tools reduce time and increase quality:

  • Explore knowledge interdisciplinary
  • Narrow down to a specific reading list
  • Find relevant literature faster
  • Navigate with a visual interface
  • Analyze your own content, Open Access collections, or your library subscriptions
University Solutions at Helsinki University


“As a library educator, I love to show off with! It’s great to see how the audience’s interest wakes up, when they see creating a visual concept map – that they then can edit to meet their information needs even better. In addition to the wow effect, also actually helps make new interdisciplinary discoveries, while also supporting open science.”

Katri Larmo, Information Specialist  at University of Helsinki

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University Solutions

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University Solutions

“[the] goal is to bypass the need to know the terminology of the field”

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University Solutions

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University Solutions
University Solutions
University Solutions
University Solutions
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University Solutions
University Solutions

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