Researchers and students! Claim your tokens through Aiur Airdrop campaign

Through Project Aiur we will distribute 10,000 AIUR tokens free of charge for students and researchers who already have, or are planning to, contribute to the world of open scientific knowledge – simply because the work that has already been done deserves to be rewarded and because we believe in building a solid foundation for our community.

Project Aiur exists because science needs to be democratized. Luckily, we don’t need to start from scratch. A vast group of people has been working relentlessly towards the same goal for years. They are supporters of open science, who, among other things, publish their papers open access, and by doing so, make sure that anyone with an internet access can leverage the results that have already been discovered.

Project Aiur would never have a chance without the efforts already made on that front, and as my co-founder Jacobo mentions, our long-term goals are very much aligned with those of the Open Science movement. To reward the current and future contributors of open scientific knowledge, we decided to launch the Aiur Airdrop Campaign. Just in case you haven’t heard the term before, airdrop means free token distribution. Unlike most airdrops around, Aiur Airdrop is available only for a specific audience and only for people who ask for it.

Through Aiur Airdrop, we will give 10,000 AIUR tokens to early-adopter scientists, researchers and students. We currently expect the price of AIUR tokens to be initially set at ETH 0.01. 15 AIUR tokens will be made available for researchers, who have already published a paper open access. Students and non-published researchers can get 5 AIUR tokens each. An Ethereum wallet ID will be required from all participants. If you don’t know how to set that up, no worries. Detailed instructions for creating a wallet are available here (scroll down to the FAQ section).

To succeed, Project Aiur needs a rock-solid community of people, who are driven by changing the status quo and solving the problems we currently face in the world of science. We hope you will join the ride and invite your friends along!

Detailed instructions for participating the Aiur Airdrop
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