Hello world!

Hello World — It’s us, Iris.AI!

New company, new blog, new opportunities!

We are thrilled and excited about this journey we embarked on this previous summer. Until now, we haven’t had much to say to the public – we’ve kept in close contact with our co-creation partners and potential investors, but besides that kept our heads decently low, with a small exception of some teasers here and there and a participation in “Ideas from Europe” in December.

Our tech team has been building and our business team has been raising funding, talking to stakeholders and built our network.

Now, as 2016 has greeted us with its snowy white presence – for those parts of the team located above 58 degrees north at least – it’s time to peak out heads out.

We’ve got some major announcements coming up very, very soon.

It’s official: Hello, world. We’re here. We exist.