TEDx Binnenhof 2016

TED Talks + Iris.AI 

We are a small team with a big vision.

Getting research out of the Ivory towers and into the hands of entrepreneurs is not a small undertaking – and we need your help.

So when I was given the opportunity to hold a TED talk, to the EU Commission, in the heart of the Dutch parliament – we decided I would take that opportunity to ask for help. What better place and format to do it!

There are many ways you can help us – here are our four main suggestions right now.

1. Sign up as an AI trainer.

Later in April, we will launch our Training tool where you can help Iris.AI learn science. There are no entry requirements to becoming an AI trainer besides being curious and willing to help. Enjoying TED talks is, of course, a plus 🙂

2. If you are a researcher – publish your science Open Access.

We are living in a world where openness and spreading of ideas are easier than ever. We’ve seen this shift on Open Source software and Open Source hardware. We’ve seen a shift in industries like the music industry, where it was cracked open and forced to find new business practices. And we’re seeing the same shift in Academic Publishing – a movement towards Open Access Publishing. Be part of this movement, do the right thing and make your research available to everyone.

3. Help fund us

Building AI requires money. If you are an angel investor, or are part of a seed fund – we are fundraising right now. We already have angels backing us, and there is room for more.

4. If you simply love science as much as we do, use Iris.AI when you want to explore a new field.

… and if you have an example of how you solved a problem, or find something really relevant that you otherwise wouldn’t have found… Share it with us! We love good user stories 🙂