Chemical R&D Solutions

Smart tools for chemical research

The 4th industrial revolution will impact every part of your business – the future of chemistry innovation is digital. We have the skills and resources to give you that digital advantage.

Discover, identify, extract, validate, infer – with a core AI engine that understands scientific text we allow automatic and effortless leveraging of knowledge from millions of documents.

The AI Chemist

Identify new revenues

Find ways to use your existing knowledge to generate new revenue.

Reduce risk

Reduce the risk of lab experiments failing by having as much upfront information as possible.

Increase efficiency

Make your R&D process as cost efficient as possible without compromising quality.

Get the AI Chemist for your team

The AI Chemist suite is under development. We are currently co-developing it with several global chemical companies through commercial proof-of-concept pilot collaborations. If you are interested in the chemical suite, let us sit down with you to scope out a project.

The AI Chemist

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The AI Chemist

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In AI/Machine Learning 2017

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The AI Chemist

“[the] goal is to bypass the need to know the terminology of the field”

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The AI Chemist

“Tools such as […] can accelerate researchers’ entry into a new field”

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