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June 30, 2023
By Ada
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RECAP: get together in Bulgaria – the importance of physical meetings in a remote company

In a world increasingly dominated by remote work, there is one thing that stands out as essential for cultivating a thriving company culture: the power of in-person gatherings. Recently, the team at had the privilege of experiencing this firsthand during our company get-together in the mountain city – Velingrad, Bulgaria. This blog post aims to capture the essence of our experience and shed light on the importance of face-to-face interactions in a mostly remote working environment.

The moment we arrived in Velingrad, a sense of excitement and anticipation filled the air. Some of the team members, who had previously only known each other only through virtual meetings and online collaborations, finally had the chance to meet in person. 

Throughout our time together, we had a range of activities from team-building exercises to interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions. The trip started off strong with a wild expedition into the Lepenitsa Cave. We spent two hours exploring stunning rock formations and listening to interesting stories told by our guide. 


Later in the evening we went horseback riding and enjoyed beautiful mountain views.


Most of our working days we spent on brainstorming sessions and discussions about business strategy and developments. We came up with awesome new features for the Researcher Workspace so stay tuned for that! 


The spontaneous conversations and informal exchanges sparked ideas and perspectives that might have otherwise remained hidden in the confines of virtual communication.

The face-to-face interactions during our time in Velingrad helped to build trust among team members. Beyond work related discussions, we had the opportunity to engage in informal conversations, sharing personal stories, and understanding each other’s unique backgrounds and aspirations.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the political situation in Ukraine, some of our team members were not able to join us physically for the get-together in Velingrad. We were determined to bridge the distance and ensure their inclusion in our get-together. Throughout our brainstorming sessions and discussions, the Ukrainian team members joined us through video calls, allowing them to actively contribute their ideas, insights, and perspectives. Their presence, albeit virtual, was deeply appreciated.


The team’s experience in Velingrad, Bulgaria, was a strong reminder of the value that in-person gatherings bring to a mostly remotely working company. As we embrace the benefits of remote work, we must not overlook the importance of gathering in person to fuel human connections, inspire innovation, and cultivate a resilient and cohesive company culture.

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