Say hi to 3.0!

We’re happy to announce our baby has taken another little step – this time bringing our free users some new useful features we believe will make your lives a bit easier.

The obvious goodies – history and bookmarks in your own account

You know that feeling as you move through a map you’ve created, and you find just the paper you need – but just want to save it to read for later? We have you covered – bookmark it and you will find it again to download directly in the reading list in your dashboard. You can also save full maps, when you create a good one.

Researching a problem is a process, and we realize keeping track of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen isn’t always the easiest. So we do it for you; you can now visit your dashboard to review all the maps you’ve created and all the papers you’ve opened. This might come in handy if you suddenly remember something you saw earlier but didn’t realize at the time that it was relevant; we’ve now got you covered so you can retrace your steps from your dashboard.

And of course, to be able to revisit these things we’ve made you accounts (they’re not just for AI Trainers anymore). Sign up now – it is free, and will always be.

Behind the hood

There’s always more than meets the eye in these releases, and 3.0 doesn’t only come with new front end features but she’s gotten a solid algorithm upgrade too. New and improved data models, better tuning, some new neural network algorithms replacing older off-the-shelf components; we’re quite pleased with the results and while not as visible as the frontend we hope you will be, too.


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