5.0 | Better Algorithms = Better Results 5.0 is now live, and with a new version comes a number of new improvements to make smarter and friendlier than ever before.

First, the article Relevance score features more prominently in the Explore tool. Now, users will notice the relevance calculation right on each map cell, along with other high-level article information.

And, marking an article as “Relevant” will color code that cell for quick reference later on. Those marked as not relevant will now be removed from the map.

Finally, the filters section now features a Relevance filter, with the ability to set a relevance threshold so that you can broaden or narrow the scope of your results based on how closely each paper is related to your query.

Of course, all of this is fabulous news, but it’s made even better by the hard work our developers have put into honing’s algorithms to produce more relevant and accurate results than previous versions.

In-house testing revealed improvements in both volume and accuracy of results for the same query between version 4.3 and 5.0. Version 5.0 produced more than double the number of results, with a 13 percentage point increase in the number of resulting papers that were considered highly relevant to the original query.

Version 4.3Version 5.0
169 Total Results369 Results
128 High Relevance Results (75%)324 High Relevance Results (88%)
41 Low Relevance Results (25%)45 Low Relevance Results (12%) is growing up quickly and still has her eyes on the title of A.I. Scientist. We hope these improvements will help you make new discoveries and speed up your next research project.

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