Announcement: Juicy new features in 6.1

Export your bookmarks, bulk actions, repository overview and more… 

We’re very excited to say we launched the latest version of our academic tools this week, version 6.1! As always, we’ve improved the backend and done some bug fixes to ensure you have a smooth experience using — but we have of course some juicy features for you as well.

I’ve listed the new features below. Do you want to try them out? Register and sign in to get started with a free account. We hope you enjoy the new update! ????

Export bookmarked papers 

Now you can finally export all the papers you have bookmarked. Simply, click the brain icon in the top right corner, go to your reading list and select the papers you’d like to export. You can choose between CSV and BIBTEX.

Bulk actions

We’ve added checkboxes in front of every entry, allowing you to bulk actions. For example, exporting multiple papers.

Free or premium?

If you were ever in doubt, now you can see whether you’re subscribing to a premium or free version of — whether you’re an individual subscriber or a university member.

“But where are all these papers coming from?”

One question our users often ask us is, “but where are all these papers coming from?” Now we’ve given you a neat way to quickly check the repositories in which the papers were found. (Also, hot tip: if you find repositories in your list that you don’t want to see papers from, use the repository filter to exclude them!)

Undo/redo actions in a session

When you’re editing your map in hierarchy, you’re now able to undo and redo all the actions you’ve done in that session.

Hierarchy Editor: Duplication of concepts 

Using the hierarchy editor, there are sometimes subconcepts that are highly relevant under multiple top concepts. Now we’ve given you the ability to duplicate the concepts so you can place them in several parts of the fingerprint — more customization and control over the fingerprinting process. 

If you have any features on your wish list that haven’t been created yet, let us know at