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The free and premium Explore & Focus tools

Please note! This page is about the Explore & Focus tools which are still available to individual subscribers and university libraries. All users will be transitioned over to the new Researcher Workspace in 2024. For inquiries about the new Workspace, see The Workspace tools and get in touch. offer basic functionalities for free for individual registered users. For access to a range of premium features such as problem statement querying, expanded content, edit functionalities and relevance filters, you can either get your university or company to purchase an organization license, or you can pay for individual access.

Features Free account Premium accounts
Price Free Paid
Data included Open Access research papers including and
Open Access research papers including, PubMed
and US Patent Office. Open to integrating any database of research or patents on organization accounts.
on organization accounts
Extended online support
Explore tool
Search with research paper
Search with free text problem statement
Edit map results
Set map to private
Subscribe to new results
Relevance score filter
Export results
Focus tool
Import multiple maps
Import from remote folder (dropbox or google drive)
Include/exclude based on concepts
Include/exclude based on topics
Set study to private

- Individual -

For individual researchers

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  • Full access to all premium features.
  • Full access to all open access, CORDIS and patent content.
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly subscriptions.

- Academic license -

For all students, researchers and staff connected to the university library.

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  • Discounted academic license
  • Custom database connections possible.
  • Contact our sales team for a detailed discussion about your university’s needs.

- Research Institute license -

For researchers at institutes and research groups.

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  • Flexible licenses
  • Custom database connections possible.
  • Contact our sales team for a detailed discussion about your organization’s needs.
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