A Scithon™ – Science Hackathon – is an innovative event format developed to help address the scientific research challenges for companies and research institutes in a compressed time frame. 

In a Scithon™ groups of interdisciplinary researchers compete using the science assistant to quickly map out and digest the relevant research around a given challenge.

Why host a Scithon™?

Solve an open-ended R&D challenge

Mapping out the research landscape around a project to find solutions from published papers is incredibly time consuming. A Scithon™ condenses weeks worth of work in a few hours. 

Interact with driven talent

We find driven, smart, cross-disciplinary talent for the Scithon™. They help solve your challenges, you get fresh eyes on your problem space, and they get to know your company. Win-win!


Custom AI Science Assistant

Artificial Intelligence is intriguing and new. Try out the custom version of the Iris.AI Science Assistant in a limited time frame with no ongoing commitment. 

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