Let us help you solve your most formidable research problem!

Hitting a roadblock in your research? Struggling with the drudgery part of the R&D process? 

Here at Iris.AI we thrive on addressing multifaceted issues head on and love being able to use our AI to help others elevate their innovation process. In fact, we love it so much that we are dedicating our summer to do just that by running a tour of Scithons in London, Stockholm and San Francisco in collaboration with Founders Factory.

Each Scithon (think of Hackathons for research!) is a day-long research sprint where teams of driven researchers use Iris.AI to summarize the most relevant research on an R&D challenge in one day. Teams, invited to the event by Iris.AI, compete to win a cash prize by pioneering a tangible solution to the question at hand.

At the end of the day you will receive the winning team’s solution which will contain:
– A full overview of all identified cross-disciplinary research on the challenge
– Their conclusion on how to go about solving the problem
– The key papers outlining this solution.
– You will also have contact details of the team’s participants in order to continue the dialogue with them.

We are now looking for innovation-driven organizations to join us for the sprint in one of the three cities.  Simply send us your research question. We’ll take care of everything else including the sourcing of multidisciplinary and driven researchers.

Iris.ai Scithons London Stockholm San Francisco

To date, with our AI, we’ve helped a number of organizations solve research problems ranging from how to achieve healthier lifestyles to exploring the ability to create a reusable rocket.  Our next theme focuses on leveraging VR/AR in a surgical setting.

If you’d like us to solve your problem next, let us know or shoot me an email — Maria@Iris.AI