Great news for science: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s acquisition of Meta

Here’s what we’ve been excited and happy about recently: Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative announced its first acquisition, buying Meta, to make it easier for academics to stay on top of research!

This is a great news for the entire academic community for a number of reasons:

  • The goal of the acquisition is to make it easy for scientists to find the latest research and accelerate scientific progress. Why it’s needed? More than 3000 research papers are published every day. Sadly, our human brains can only process a fraction of this knowledge. In order to accelerate the process for new scientific breakthroughs, tools that save our time from the drudgery work by surfacing millions of articles and finding structure in vast amounts of data, are truly needed.
  • Meta, just like us at Iris.AI, uses AI to build their technology. While Meta helps researchers keep track of the most recent articles in the medical field by using citations graphs, our AI Science Assistant focuses on reading and understanding the contents of research papers across different fields. The tools target different parts of the research process: Meta’s RSS Feed helps researchers find papers as soon as they’re published. Iris.AI is a powerful tool for the exploration phase of research projects.
  • Last but not least, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative is a $45 billion fund. It’s certainly possible to open up the world of science to everyone with that kind of muscle. It’s about time we pull the research from dusty drawers into an effective use.

Congratulations Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative for the awesome first move. We look forward to seeing how Meta and Chan-Zuckerberg collaborate with their upcoming product launch. We are optimistic about this acquisition’s impact on the scientific community, the future of access to research, and technology. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using Iris.AI.