Time to Focus! Introducing Iris.ai 4.0

It’s another big day in the life of Iris.ai, and we couldn’t be prouder parents, with the official launch of version 4.0. Last year brought our free users the option to create accounts, bookmark useful content, and revisit their browsing history. This time, we’ve introduced a new premium feature: The Focus Tool.

Focus Tool

When conducting preliminary research on a topic, it’s easy to amass a list of hundreds, if not thousands of relevant research papers, especially with the help of Iris.ai. The Focus tool makes it easier to distill that list into a precise and—well, we’ll go ahead and say it—focused list of the most relevant articles to you.

While Iris.ai’s Exploration algorithm is great at surfacing a comprehensive landscape of interdisciplinary papers that relate to your original article or question, the Focus Tool allows the creation of intelligent filters to include or exclude topics of interest, retraining the algorithm as it goes.

Focus Tool Filters

This significantly reduces the average time it takes for professional researchers to compile a full report of relevant papers to support their work, in turn reducing a process that could take weeks to as little as two days and increases the confidence level of results by 15%.

You can view the official press release about the release, here: http://bit.ly/iris40-pressrelease

But that’s not all…

Premium users will also find that they have a new way to search within the Exploration tool. You can now manually enter your research question and problem statement to generate a map, without the need to provide existing research on the topic.

Ready to see it in action?

Check out our latest video showing the new 4.0 tools and how they work together to get you a concise and manageable reading list in record time.


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