Ready to train

Photo by Vitor Garcia via Flickr Creative Commons.

Ready to train Iris.AI, our young research scientist?

In the last couple of months, my co-founders and I have poured our hearts and souls into building a tool that allows people to train Iris.AI.

Now we’re all set – our AI crowd training platform is up and running! Iris.AI, the young AI scientist, is ready to start her first grade.

In case you’d like to be part of this learning experiment and become her teacher, sign up, but do it quickly as we only have a limited number spots for AI teachers for the next few months.


What is this AI training about again?

It’s a huge learning experiment where we ask our volunteering AI trainers to help Iris.AI grasp the meaning of what she has read.

Why does an AI need human teachers?

Imagine yourself in a lecture you know nothing about in advance. You’ll understand some of the content, but miss some as well, for sure. Then, later on you’ll pick up the remaining bits and pieces by reading more and asking your peers what they think about the topic. The learning process of an AI is very much like that. She can’t figure out the world by herself. She needs your help!

What does AI training mean in practice?

The very first version of our AI training platform is built around the TED talks as that’s what Iris.AI has read thus far. On the training platform you’ll be asked to watch any TED talk you like and validate the concepts Iris.AI has extracted from that talk. Easier said, we ask you to tell us if Iris.AI got it or not.


Do I need to be a researcher or know something about artificial intelligence in order to teach?

Absolutely not.

Ok, how can I get started?

Sign up here and we’ll provide you with your login credentials via email.

When will I see the results of training?

With thousands of inputs from our AI trainers we’ll be able to optimise the artificial brain of Iris.AI. Through this process certain concepts start to get more emphasis while new concepts are emerging. The algorithm won’t change immediately after trainers’ inputs, though, as it takes some time to gather enough data. In some months, with that data, our AI scientist’s brain starts to mimic the thinking of her teachers.