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Do you have an innovative organization with a need to map out the latest knowledge across a multitude of research fields? Do you have employees that need to learn new areas on an ongoing basis? Are you working with R&D intensive, cross-disciplinary challenges?

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What you can do with Iris.AI

Navigate the research world

Use your own project descriptions and internal documentation to immediately generate research landscape maps. Let Iris help your team in navigating >30M Open Access papers up to 10x faster than their current pace. 

Navigate your own content

Connect Iris to a database your own content – R&D documents, technology descriptions, course material, product specs, safety documentation – and let Iris help your team quickly identify what you already know.

R&D Departments


Iris is for Innovative, research heavy R&D departments.

Research Institutes


Iris is for fast pace and commercially minded Research Institutes.



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